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The songs that I have listed as samples are written but not performed by me. I have included clips of some of my music that feature both male and female leads. I hope you like them. 

(1) Just Me Myself And A Lie Listen
(2) Table for Two Listen
(3) The Road to Happiness Listen
(4) This Time Was the Last Time Listen
(5) Heartbreaker Listen
(6) Shadows of the Ryman Listen
(7) Every Memory Starts with Me Listen
(8) The Ring Listen

 Please check out the video for my single: "TABLE FOR TWO"

You can now purchase my entire CD or individual tracks from "The Road To Happiness" at iTunes, CDBABY, and just to mention a few.   The CD includes all of the songs that are listed here on my website.

TONY JOSEPH: The Road to Happiness




I have completed several songs for my upcoming CD which I will be adding here soon.


"SHADOWS OF THE RYMAN"  is now being played on Australian national radio.  The program is called "COUNTRY ROADS" and is on air  7:00 a.m - 1:00 p.m c.t. on  Please visit their website and request "SHADOWS OF THE RYMAN".

I would like to thank Pejay and Joy, the hosts of "Country Roads", for allowing me the opportunity to have my music heard worldwide.  They have also been so kind as to promote my CD "THE ROAD TO HAPPINESS".

***UPDATE- You Can Hear My Songs Being Played In Their Entirety In Rotation On Satellite Radio 24/7.  "SHADOWS OF THE RYMAN"  was selected by as an airplay suggestion for worldwide radio stations to pickup for their playlist.

I have been chosen as "Spotlight Artist" on

Please visit my myspace page; (***In the process of being updated)

Please Take A Listen And Feel Free To Submit A Review.  You Can Let Your Local Radio Station Know The Location Where They Can Find My Songs And Request That They Add Them To Their Playlist.  


 I especially want to acknowledge those individuals that have played such a large part in bringing my musical visions to life  

GERRY...I can't thank you enough for your creativity and the knack you have for knowing what it is I am looking for. It seems like you can actually hear what is going on inside of me. I love working with you and look forward to many, many more years of writing together.

Ray and Julie...I could not think of two better people that I would ever want singing my songs...You are both incredible!!  

Finally, to all of the great musicians that have been a part of my music, you have my heartfelt thanks. 



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